Language classes for kids

How are the language classes for kids?


Highly qualified teachers with personal attention for each individual kid.


100% personalized course. Just perfect for all kind of students: gifted or talented children, attention deficit disorder, children who need a more individualized attention, and in general terms, any kid who wants to learn up to 3 times faster.


One-to-one clases via videoconference where a teacher will talk to you and write simultaneosly 4x1: hearing comprehension, reading, writing and speaking all in the same session.

Recorded classes

Classes can be recorded by students for future use and this is our best guarantee. Parents can watch their children grow without realizing it and check their progress regularly. We offer total openness and transparency.

clases de idiomas para niños
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Time and resources optimization. Virtual classroom 24/7 with videos for small kids, exercises, games, coaching and afterclass tutorials. A course made for kids up to 3 times more efficient than classes in group.


Weekly scheduled classes and personal teacher to acquire routines and habits.


Big saving in time, effort, and money, both for kids and parents. No need to carry kids back and forth! From your home, with no waiting time and better teaching quality. All you need is a computer, tablet and internet connection.


Continuous feedback parents-school for better study time management, campus use and child supervision.

Our method in detail

Our method is based in the principles mentioned before that are based on efficiency:

  • Flipped classroom: the student prepares the class before attending so as to take 100% advantage of it.
  • Language Acquisition Theory: focused on increasing listening comprehension through videos adapted to each level just as the online campus does.
  • Speaking adapted to small kids.

Parents and teachers help young learners to get familiar with the contents of each class before every session.

During the class, we use play to learn all contents, 100% conversational. Why spend so much time sitting in front of a grammar exercise book? In Hanyu we use hundreds of flashcards, games, videostories and much more.

Then during the week,they keep on learning using the virtual campus and tutorials. Besides allowing learners the opportunity to clear doubts, class recording is also a fine way to involve children, parents and teachers in the same educational circle.

All this helps children assimilate the language and increase their hearing and oral skills up to 3 times faster than a traditional face to face course. Knowledge is a gift for life. And there’s no better teaching than through games and fun.

Classes start from 20 minutes a week. Are you going to miss out on the opportunity to try it for free?

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Language classes for kids

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