Clases de idiomas para niños trainlang kids

bandera kids aprender idiomas con cursos y clases para niños y jóvenes adolescentes

Your child will learn languages 3 times faster

We prepare a language course tailored to your child. Because your child is unique.

Book an interview-class and let´s plan the future together.

bandera kids aprender idiomas con cursos y clases para niños y jóvenes adolescentes
bandera hanyu aprender con cursos y clases de idiomas orientales
trainlang kids aprender idiomas para niños y adolescentes

3 times faster?

Yes! You can help your child learn english, chinese or any of our 38 languages up to 3 times faster.

Would you like to know how is it possible?


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Your child will enjoy learning because for us each child unique.


With an intelligent software tailored to the content they like, your child will be able to plunge into the language everyday.

Shall we start?

What are the classes for children like?


Language course personalised 100%. Perfect for all types of students: with high abilities, with attention deficit, children that need more personalised attention, and in general, tailored so that any child that wants to can progress up to 3 times faster.


We have excellent teachers and educators, highly qualified, with a high ability to communicate and to show empathy to the student. They are chosen after successfully completing a demanding selection process. As the classes are recorded, our quality control department supervises that our methods are implemented regulargly. Our teachers receive continuous training in order to achieve excellence.


Classes are given one-to-one via videoconference. The teacher will speak with the child and write at the same time. 4x1: Audio, reading, writing and oral comprehension at the same time.

Recorded classes

The classes are recorded and become the personal material of the student and this is our best guarantee. Parents will be able to see how their child grows without even realizing it and check their progress periodically. We offer complete transparency.

clases de idiomas para niños
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They will learn everyday

Optimization of time and resources: virtual classroom 24/7 with content tailored to their likes, childrens videos, exercises, games, coaching and afterclass tutorships. A language course designed so that they can study everyday, with our method they will learn upto 3 times faster than in group classes.


Ongoing communication Parents-School for the optimization of the study time, use of the campus and the minor´s tutorship.


Huge saving in costs, time and stress, both for the parents and the children. Stop being the taxi driver for your children! Learn from home, without wasting time waiting and with the best quality teaching. All you need is a computer or tablet and internet connection.


Fixed weekly schedule and personal teacher in order to acquire regular habits.

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Oliver Rodríguez

«The fuel to achieve everything is motivation»

More fun
More effective
More flexible

Our method in detail

We use a revolutionary method to learn languages, which helps your child to learn up to 3 times faster.

Te explicamos nuestra

Metodología básica


The method is based in the principles mentioned before based in efficiency:
1. Flipped classroom: The student prepares the class before attending in order to utilize 100% of his time.
2. Language Acquisition Theory: Based in incrementing the audio comprehension through exercises adjusted to the level imitating the natural method.
3. Speaking tailored to the child or teenager.
Before the class our young students make a first contact with the content with the help of parents and teachers.


During class we play to learn all the content, 100% conversation. Why stare all the time at an exercise grammar book? In trainlang we have hundreds of flashcards, games, story videos and much more.


After, during the week, they will be able to keep learning thanks to the virtual classroom and tutorship. Furthermore, recording the classes will allow to review them for any doubts, which is an excellent way to integrate in the same educational circle to the child, parents and teacher.

All this makes children assimilate the language and increase their listening and communication skills up to 3 times faster than a conventional classroom course. Knowledge is a gift for life, and there is no better teaching than what is transmitted through play and fun.

Classes are from 30 min per week. Why miss the chance to try it for free?

What do parents say?

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How are the classes on Skype?

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