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Learn English 3 times faster! It’s possible, drive your future.
English course made to measure, designed for you to be speaking in less than 6 months.

  • Speak English in our private videoconferencing classes.
  • Content adapted to your needs, personal language coach 24/7 
  • Enjoy the journey, for us you are the most important part. 
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Why learn English in trainlang?

In trainlang you are submerged in learning English and you will reach your goal. Whether you want to get to know the world, work in a multi national company or secure the future of your children.

Made to Measure

Trainlang is the only school that will offer you a personalized course in English made to suit you, so that you will be speaking English in private classes where you can practice 100%

Certified Results

We guide you in order to certify your official level of English based on the parameters set out by the MCER.

Personal Coach

An individualized study plan, a course in English designed by your personal coach with private tutorials 24/7. Because you are unique and have your own needs.

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Our method is based on mircolearning and the flipped classroom techniques which has the recognition of neuroscience and linguistics experts.

Software Inteligente

A method for learning English based on intelligent software SRS. Download podcasts, films, books, news, music and study interactively

you will love it and this will make learning English easy

Service for and by people

We are a modern, technology based school but with a personal touch and completely transparent, from the teachers to customer service. In caring for your needs there’s nothing better than the human touch and we strive for excellence. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Shall we start?

What English course do you want?

cursos para aprender idiomas para empresas


Professional English course for businesses

English course with FUNDAE

Business English courses for companies

70 courses available with our teaching method “slang”

Personalized English course

Intensive English course for Businesses

bandera kids aprender idiomas con cursos y clases para niños y jóvenes adolescentes


Personalized course for kids

A two day a week course with private classes, online campus and after class tutorials.

  • Express course
  • Daily private class by videoconference
  • Personalized class plan
  • Certified results
  • More effective and less expensive than international schools of English


Personalized English course for adults.

Almost 70 course themes available.

  • Express course
  • Daily private class by videoconference
  • Personalized class plan
  • Certified results
  • More effective and less expensive than international schools of English

Our keys

nuestras claves y nuestro método EFICIENCIA TU TIEMPO


We select the vocabulary you need, we do a personalised plan, we empower your abilities and detect your weak points in our campus. And we work in class together.

nuestras claves y nuestro método NUEVAS TECNOLOGÍAS


Virtual campus and app with technology SRS (spaced repetition) unique in the world with 38 languages. It will register all the parameters of your learning. An intelligent software of importation of digital material that will allow you to study in an interactive way videos, songs, pdf or ebooks adapted to your likes and needs.

nuestras claves y nuestro método COMUNICACIÓN


You will speak from the first class, ya whether we do the class by Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp or telephone.

nuestras claves y nuestro método MOTIVACIÓN


In the traditional school setting, the teacher speaks and the students listen, but in our classes you will speak. We apply coaching to the teaching.

nuestras claves y nuestro método RESULTADOS CERTIFICADOS


We guide you to certify your official level of english, french, german, portuguese, italian, spanish within the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Or the chinese levels HSK, Japanese Noken JLPT. We help you to certify up until 38 languages.

nuestras claves y nuestro método CONFIABLES


We offer you a personalised and transparent service. From the teachers to customer service, we are a modern, innovative school but without loosing the human touch. Excellence is our aim

nuestras claves y nuestro método ÉXITO


We have capable native teachers with passion for their work and hundreds of reviews from satisfied students for achieving their objectives.

nuestras claves y nuestro método NEUROCIENCIA


Method supported by linguists, multilingual and the latest research in neuroscience. Constantly growing and adapting: Individualized microlearning, Flipped Clasroom, intelligent software and personalised coaching are our identity traits.

Do you know why they trust in us?

What is our method?


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