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Learn Spanish with the best ones

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Spanish course made to measure, designed for you to learn Spanish 3 times faster!

3 keys to learn Spanish faster

Learn Spanish as if you were in Spain
  • Private videoconference classes that will help you speak Spanish in record time.
  • A method that adapts to your needs, with a personal coach 24/7. 
  • In Trainlang we want you to enjoy the journey, because not only the destination matters.

Why learn Spanish with Trainlang?

Trainlang will help you to be submerged in learning Spanish, and you will reach your goals sooner than you think. Whether you want to get to know the world, work in a multi national company or secure the future of your children, Trainlang is your school.

Made to measure

Trainlang is the only school that will offer you a personalized course in Spanish made to suit you, so that you will be speaking Spanish in private classes where you can practice 100%

certified results

We guide you in order to certify your official level of Spanish based on the parameters set out by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference.)

personal Coach

An individualized study plan, a course in Spanish designed by your personal coach with private tutorials 24/7. Because you are unique and have your own needs..


Our method is based on mircolearning and the flipped classroom techniques which has the recognition of neuroscience and linguistics experts.

smart Software

A method for learning Spanish based on intelligent software SRS. Download podcasts, films, books, news, music and study interactively. You will love it and this will make learning Spanish easy.

for and by people

We are a modern, technology based school but with a personal touch and completely transparent, from the teachers to customer service.

Let's start!

  1. Ask for a personal interview with a free private class. In it we will explain you which is our method and we will evaluate your level.
  2. We will see how you can reach your goals and prepare material of your interest so that you can learn Chinese or any other language enjoying tha class.

Tell us about your needs and what kind of course do you want to take.

Learn Spanish now, let's start

Which Spanish course do you want to take?

Learn Spanish at your own individual pace with experienced teachers! You choose everything: when and where, online or face-to-face, group or private tutoring. Our courses focus first on developing strong linguistic abilities, and then on deepening cultural understanding – also a critical component for any professional looking to maximize his possibilities. We promote self-learning and personalized immersion to reach your maximum potential.

100% personalized course. Just perfect for all kind of students: gifted or talented children, attention deficit disorder, children who need a more individualized attention, and in general terms, any kid who wants to learn up to 3 times faster. One-on-one Spanish classes via videoconference where a teacher will talk to you and write simultaneosly 4×1: hearing comprehension, reading, writing and speaking all in the same session.

You can study Spanish from just anywhere in the world thanks to our one-on-one classes, online campus and personalized tutorials. Whether you have to travel for work or spend long hours in the office, you will not even realize how fast your learning goes taking advantage of your moments of free time. It’s the most efficient method in all senses, our favourite, up to 3 times more efficient than a traditional group class.

Why our method is successful

We have motivated students

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Regular practices

Weekly one-to-one classes to succeed in your progress.

Personal coaching

A personal coach will accompany you along your progress making sure you reach your goals. He will get in touch with you during the week and help you engage in immersion activities like exercises, videos and audios

A flexible schedule

You will be able to study with your teacher at a time convenient for you.

We use new technology

Virtual Campus

Practice just anywhere at any time. Virtual campus 24/7, available 365 days so that you don’t skip a day without doing some exercise or watching videos to have a full immersion in the language using our method (books, apps, videos, games).


There's a whole world outside the classroom: we have created our own animated videos, audios, online games, and exercises of all kinds, so that you enjoy learning and look forward to studying every day.

We are a professional and commited team


Carefully selected vocabulary. 2500 essential words chosen according to level and frequency order. The aim is to speak much from the start.


One–to–one classes in which an experimented teacher will talk to you and write simultaneosly 4x1: hearing comprehension, reading, writing and speaking all in the same session.


We train your listening to improve your understanding. You will learn to speak and write 3 times faster.

What our students say

Please, see what our students think about us in Google and Trustpilot. We know that our method is successful, so we would love to  help your to learn Spanish in record time. You won’t find a Spanish academy with better reviews!

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