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bandera francia aprender cursos clases de francés


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Learn languages three times faster with you Personal Language Trainer

  • Speak English, German, French or any of our 38 languages in less than 8 months.

  • Enjoy of your individual virtual lessons and your personal tutor in our English learning academy.

  • Access our virtual campus with a smart software tailor-made to the content of your preference. 

To us, you are one of a kind!

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trainkids clases para niños tus hijos
trainkids clases de idiomas y música para niños

Your child will learn 3 times faster in our English academy.

Learn to play the piano, guitar, singing or music theory
from home

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Ready to begin?

  1. Book a personal interview with a free private lesson, where we will show you the method we use in our English academy and assess your level.

  2. We set your goals together and then prepare the content you’re most interested in, for you to enjoy your learning experience.

Tell us about your needs and the type of course you are interested in.

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Why choose Trainlang English Academy?

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Learn about our method

We offer you lessons with a private tutor.

primera clase

You will learn from day one​

At Trainlang, you will not only have a teacher, but a travelling companion that will be there for you all the way. They will guide you and accompany you to move at your own pace and to make your own path according to your needs.

coaching y tutorías personalizadas

Your teacher will be your coach and your amigo

At Trainlang we believe that motivation is of paramount importance. That's why your teacher will maintain your interest on what you are learning not only during the class, but also during the rest of the week.

flexibilidad con el tiempo

You will have total flexibility

You choose where and when. Can you really pick your own schedule? Of course! At Trainlang you will be able to study at your preferred time.

We use cutting edge technology

campus virtual multiplataforma

You don't have to commute to an academy

In our Virtual Campus, you'll find all the material you need: videos suited to your language level, audios, countless masterclasses, self checking exercises and much more. All of it from the comfort of your home! Wasting time commuting is behind you.

juegos para aprender

You will not only learn, but enjoy yourself in the process

We don't want you to learn in a dull way. That's why we have apps and online games so you can learn new vocabulary while having fun. We know what you like best.

We are efficient

vocabulario por orden de frecuencia

We select the vocabulary by frequency of use

At our academy you won't learn a whole lot of new words that will be of no use to you. You will learn the most important and frequent words, according to your level.

flipped classroom

We use the Flipped Classroom method

You won't attend our classes tolisten to your teacher's explainations. Our lessons work the other way around. During the week you will study and practise, and in class you will only revise and clear your doubts.

escuchar capacidad auditiva

We improve your listening skills

That way you can improve your language comprehension, and learn to speak and write up to 3 times faster.

Studying at an online academy... Does it really work?

We get that you may doubt. We have always studied languages on site, face to face, and technology can be very imposing. But, now is the best time to study at an online academy. Do you want to know why? Consider this:

It is a real pity that we can no longer have as much physical social interaction as we once did. The silver lining is that it has forced us to find new ways of carrying on with our daily activities.  One of those has been virtual learning. Come to think of it, it may not be that bad.  Perhaps there are some advantages to studying at an online language academy. Keep on reading to discover some of them.

Once you’ve tried it, you’ll see that studying at an online academy is not only good to practise social distancing during the pandemic; studying from home will allow you to be more relaxed (you’ll feel at home), save you much time and money in commuting and parking, make the most of your time spent in class and give you more time flexibility.

Is your schedule tight? Do you travel a lot and would like to seize those moments to study? Are you always on the move and wonder how you will ever be able to study a language consistently? In that case we’ll be straightforward: our language academy is what you are looking for. At Trainlang you tell us when you can study and we adapt to you. You can study, review your class, do exercises, play games, watch videos, and much more; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No limits. You set the limits yourself.

Many of our language enthusiasts (our dear students) have expressed that studying at Trainlang they have a real feeling of making the most of their time. Nowadays, one might feel the need to do something to make use of their time. That’s what you’ll get at our language academy. You can invest as much time as you want in learning languages. We know that knowledge has no boundaries (and you can never learn too much) and that’s why we offer you a course with no boundaries, no attachments, that will make you feel you are really making the most of your time.

It’s true: nowadays there are plenty of academies offering online courses because they have no other way out. But, isn’t it much better to study at an online academy that has already been working with virtual learning for a long time? At Trainlang we are backed by years of experience, and we have adapted our teaching method to offer the best possible service to our language enthusiasts.

What our students think

Lourdes Marquez
Lourdes Marquez
Revisión verificada
Atentos, profesionales pero cercanos. La metodología usada te ayuda realmente a aprender el idioma que te propongas a tu propia ritmo.
Marta Mrtnz
Marta Mrtnz
Revisión verificada
Llevo unos meses estudiando chino y estoy súper contenta! Los métodos que utiliza la academia son realmente útiles, con el campus virtual puedo ir estudiando a mi ritmo, y las clases son muy amenas. Me están ayudando mucho a mejorar mi pronunciación,y sin duda estoy viendo el progreso. Además la profe es la mejor! Recomendado al 100%
Revisión verificada
Estamos muy contentos con la academia y con el profesor, Rubén, nuestros hijos hacen clase de inglés con él y están encantados, se adapta mucho a ellos, por primera vez los veo contentos y con ganas. Rubén es muy adaptable a cualquier cambio de horario, y siempre super amable y con su puntualidad británica! Hemos recomendado la escuela a amigos y, sin duda seguiremos haciendo! Bravo!👍
Revisión verificada
Mi profe Nathalie es francesa nativa, muy seria con la classe, muy dinamica, flexible, siempre intenta adaptar a mis necesitades. Tiene methodo muy práctico y eficaz. La escuela sabe contratar a buenos profesores, y ofrece precios razonables. Así que yo he podido seguir haciendo las clases más de un año.
Beki Lara El Amarti
Beki Lara El Amarti
Revisión verificada
Me encantan mis clases de francés. Aline mi profesora es fantástica, se me hace muy fácil aprender con ella, estoy muy muy contenta.
Salvador Marín i Montero
Salvador Marín i Montero
Revisión verificada
Profesores amables, flexibles y entregados a su labor. Muy contento.
Ane Mendieta Ibañez
Ane Mendieta Ibañez
Revisión verificada
Muy buena experiencia con una muy buena profesional
Ruth Crespo
Ruth Crespo
Revisión verificada
Las clases de francés con nuestra profesora de Hanyu es puro amor por la enseñanza. Es evidente que es su vocación y por tanto enseña de maravilla. Mi hija ha progresado muchísimo desde que comenzó con este método. Recomiendo la escuela a todos aquellos que estén frustrados con anteriores métodos y escuelas de idiomas. Le doy un 10 a Hanyu
Arturo Castiñeiras
Arturo Castiñeiras
Revisión verificada
Desde el minuto 1 me he sentido en clase como si la estuviera haciendo con amigos de toda la vida. Eso hace que te puedas expresar con libertad. Aprendes muy rapido ya que cada dia estan pendientes de ponerte tareas adaptadas a tu nivel: Audios, textos, preguntas... Muy dinamico! Ademas te adaptan las clases a tu nivel, y a lo que necesites. Recomiendo Trainlang al 100%.
Júlia Dalmau Aranda
Júlia Dalmau Aranda
Revisión verificada
Estoy muy contenta con los profesores y su implicación, son grandes profesionales!

You are welcome to see our rating on Google and Trustpilot. We cannot believe it ourselves. We know that our product is top notch, but it isn’t easy for all your students to be so satisfied. That’s why we can assure you that you will absolutely love it.

Any doubts?

It is a half an hour class with a private tutor who will evaluate your level so you can immediately start learning English, French, Chinese or any other language of your choice from the get-go. If you are a beginner and you have no previous knowledge of the language, this lesson will work as your first steps towards language learning. Believe it or not, after finishing this trial lesson, you will get the sense that you have gained knowledge in only half an hour. If you have previous knowledge and you just want to build on it or perfect it, the trial lesson will help you know exactly what your level is and where to go from there.

This is what our language enthusiasts will like best. Our one-on-one lessons are private and conducted via Skype, so you and your teacher will be able to see each other and talk throughout the lesson. Classes will last anything between 30 and 60 minutes. Firstly, you will do a quick revision of what was learnt on your previous class, so you will never forget what you’ve learnt. Then you’ll learn new vocabulary and use it in conversation (of course, the conversation will take place in the language you are learning, as far as possible, always adapted to your level). During the last part of your lesson you will learn to read and write and do oral exercises together. Time will fly by. More than a language academy, it will seem like a conversation with a friend, with the difference that you will be learning a lot.

Of course. That’s one of the perks of studying at our online academy. You tell us the days and times you’d like to have your lessons, and we will adapt to your needs. And you can do the exercises on our campus whenever you want; it’s at your disposal 24/7.

That’s simple. You have two options: 1) Open the menu in our home page, click on “Enrol” and select the study plan that suits you best. Finally, fill out the form so you can start your lessons ASAP. 2) This is our recommended option: click on any button tagged “free trial lesson”, then type in your name, the language you want to learn and your phone number. We will get in touch with you to book your free trial lesson at a day and time of your convenience. You will be able to see for yourself that our language lessons work. We know that you will be delighted you can get a taste of it so you can then join the Trainlang family, fully convinced that our methods work.

Yes, of course! At Trainlang, we want to be totally transparent with you. Just remember to let us know 15 days in advance, so that you won’t be charged your next receipt.

At Trainlang you won’t receive an official certificate, but we will examine you so that you can rest assured that you are a language enthusiast, prepared to pass any official examination of any kind. We will also be by your side to guide you to choose the best certificate for you , where to get it and how to do it, if that’s what you’re interested in. And we will give you the best preparation so that you can be calm and confident the day of your exam. Not only do we want to be your language academy, but your guide to reach for the stars.

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